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Nina Mae
09 July 2013 @ 05:53 pm

It's me! Nina! And these are my works so far~
I'm really thankful for everyone reading my stories.
You can read any of these whenever you want :)
I'm not really forcing all the readers to leave a comment, I'm perfectly happy if you're reading them~ <3
But if you want to converse with me or ask me something, just leave a comment and I'll gladly reply!
I love you minna~!

PS. I'm locking all of my fics and journal entries starting today (March 5, 2014)~
What's the reason? Something happened~ Of course, something happened hahaha
But the thing is... I don't want it to be repeated again so I'm locking everything.
Hope you'll understand. :)


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Oh you can also introduce yourself to me here!! Just leave a comment <3

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I'm getting noisy~
just ask me if you want to be my friend~~
(cause I won't be just randomly adding you back hahahaha~~ meanie~~ xD)

Lovelots!! *chuuuu*
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Nina Mae
17 May 2016 @ 06:12 pm
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